• Websites

    Several businesses are seeing the benefits of being online. Users are frequently using search engines to find stores, products, restaurants, activities, connections, and information online. Having your store hours, location, products, services, and other information online will allow people to fine you and get to know who you are in a way that is convenient and natural to them. No business should be without some way of being found online. Also, this can be a place to store frequently asked questions so people can independently find answers they are looking for about your business or organization.

    Online sales are also becoming a large avenue for selling products and services. We can build online catalogs and shopping carts. We can then connect your checkout process with a payment gateway of your choosing, such as PayPal or FirstData, to allow credit card payments online. Also, we can setup “Donate Now” buttons or recurring payments for non-profit organizations looking for ways to receive contributions online.

    • Custom Website Applications
    • Website Development & Design
    • Website Maintenance
    • Ecommerce / Shopping Carts
    • Payment Gateways

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  • Software

    Management Tools: Making good management decisions requires accurate and meaningful data. We have built several financial applications that allow reconciling, budgeting, and reporting of key financial information. Other types of data that may need to be managed include customer relations, product inventories, or time cards.

    Workflow Management: When businesses work with projects or inventories, tasks are staged through a process. A project may be proposed, then assigned, then progressed, then completed, then delivered. Or a product may be ordered, then received by the warehouse, then purchased, then delivered to the client. These processes need to be tracked and managed. When stored in a relational database, progress can be easily managed with a management portal, automated alerts, and customer reports.

    In research, there may be significant amounts of data collected in flat files, excel spreadsheets, and word documents. In business, there may be other unique aspects ot the business that are tracked in a similar manner with a need to condense the data into summaries and reports that are meaningful. SumTech can use programming to manage this data, often with the use of databases as well, to simplify the data, merge several files together, and report meaningful information back to the user. We also offer design consultation to help determine an appropriate way to gather important data.

    Transitioning to Database: Organizations often using Microsoft Word and Excel to manage information such as employee directories, client lists, project details, inventories, and other accounts of information. When changes need to be made, several files may need to be updated, and there are often inconsistencies and errors in these documents. Relational databases help remove the inconsistencies so that updates only need to be made in one place, and all reports are automatically updated as well. History of changes can be tracked as well.

    • Workflow Management
    • Financial Tracking
    • Inventory Tracking
    • Custom Software Applications
    • Microsoft Access Database Applications
    • Migrate Excel and Word Information to Database

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  • Technology

    Building a scope before building any software is extremely beneficial. This allows the client to flesh out their ideas and determine what is really needed and desired. We can help with this initial design process to help you determine what you want out of your custom software.

    Also, we can help determine what already-built solutions already exist which may benefit your situation. Since we are familiar with several forms of technology, we can do the research for you and make a solid recommendation of how to move forward. Then you can implement those recommendations how you desire, or we may be able to assist as well.

    Past Consultation Projects

  • Web Hosting &

    Websites live on a server somewhere in the cloud. We provide web hosting services for sites we or others have built. Also, some websites require routing updates and maintenance. We can draw up a maintenance contract to keep your website running and up-to-date.

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