Past Projects: JavaScript

Aim on Target Custom Plugins

Aim on Target is a web marketing and design firm in Ohio. We have gotten to create several custom WordPress plugins, troubleshoot irregular server configurations, and research technologies for this firm.

Veterans of Modern Warfare

Membership Form, Database and Administration Application

As a growing national organization, VMW needs an efficient way of tracking membership, chapters, dues, etc. SumTech created an online membership application that submits information to a database for storage. Several validations are used to test that valid information is being entered. Administrators can review, update, add, and delete membership information through an MS Access program. Also, the users can use the power of MS Access queries to find useful statistics about their organization.
Later, the MS Access front-end was converted to a web application.

SumTech Business Solutions, LLC

SumTech Business Solutions Website

This is an informative website to allow businesses to see SumTech’s work and learn about their services.
The logo and layout was designed by Alicia Baker, from which we created a WordPress template.