Past Projects: CSS

Chucks Cell Cases

Chucks Cases Ecommerce Website

This is an ecommerce website for Dagwood Designs to sell their cellphone cases.
The initial WordPress template was by Andrew Forsman.

Aim on Target Custom Plugins

Aim on Target is a web marketing and design firm in Ohio. We have gotten to create several custom WordPress plugins, troubleshoot irregular server configurations, and research technologies for this firm. Screenshot

Airway Hills Driving Range & Miniature Golf Website

This is a marketing website for a miniature golf and driving range with golf pro shop.
The initial design was by Adam Ratliff. SumTech used the original design to create a WordPress template for the website.

Timecards App Screenshot

Time Card Tracker using Text Messaging

Time cards are difficult to manage for their mobile painting crews. This application allows employees to send text messages to clock in and clock out. Employees check that their hours are correct through a web interface, and there they may request changes where necessary. The bookkeepers can make updates and see the total hours worked for each employee. Total hours are calculated for regular and OT pay, as well as hours for different insurance conditions.


Vet-Span Website

This is a marketing website for a veterans consultant firm.
The initial design was by Alicia Baker, from which we created a WordPress template.