Several businesses are seeing the benefits of being online. Users are frequently using search engines to find stores, products, restaurants, activities, connections, and information online. Having your store hours, location, products, services, and other information online will allow people to fine you and get to know who you are in a way that is convenient and natural to them. No business should be without some way of being found online. Also, this can be a place to store frequently asked questions so people can independently find answers they are looking for about your business or organization.

Online sales are also becoming a large avenue for selling products and services. We can build online catalogs and shopping carts. We can then connect your checkout process with a payment gateway of your choosing, such as PayPal or FirstData, to allow credit card payments online. Also, we can setup “Donate Now” buttons or recurring payments for non-profit organizations looking for ways to receive contributions online.

Past Projects
Washington State University

Administration Application

WSU - Biomedical Communications Unit

Developed database-driven application to manage administrative needs for self-sustaining unit which provides paid services. Before building our system, this group had minimal reporting information from which to make management decisions, and most of the information was paper-based rather than stored electronically. The application we built has modules that manage revenue, orders, workflow, online orders, and file management.

2/2012 Screenshot

Airway Hills Driving Range & Miniature Golf Website

Airway Hills Driving Range & Miniature Golf

This is a marketing website for a miniature golf and driving range with golf pro shop.
The initial design was by Adam Ratliff. SumTech used the original design to create a WordPress template for the website.