Technology Consultation & Research

Past Projects

HealthSum Web Application

WSU - Field Disease Investigation Unit

SumTech took over failing project meant to analyze health events in cattle. We gathered a complex set of requirements and developed a novel system to process health events into a meaningful set of data. We boosted performance of previous approach. Imports improved from taking an hour to a minute. Reports improved from taking dozens of minutes to a couple seconds.


Timecards App Screenshot

Time Card Tracker using Text Messaging

Phos Painting

Time cards are difficult to manage for their mobile painting crews. This application allows employees to send text messages to clock in and clock out. Employees check that their hours are correct through a web interface, and there they may request changes where necessary. The bookkeepers can make updates and see the total hours worked for each employee. Total hours are calculated for regular and OT pay, as well as hours for different insurance conditions.


Pullman Christian School

Progress Report and Report Card Program

Pullman Christian School

SumTech converted a system of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to an Access database used for tracking students, courses, and grades, as well as printing report cards.
Later, they moved toward using an online subscription service. We helped determine whether the new service would meet their needs, and we aided in the transfer of data from our software to the new system.