Software Development

Management Tools: Making good management decisions requires accurate and meaningful data. We have built several financial applications that allow reconciling, budgeting, and reporting of key financial information. Other types of data that may need to be managed include customer relations, product inventories, or time cards.

Workflow Management: When businesses work with projects or inventories, tasks are staged through a process. A project may be proposed, then assigned, then progressed, then completed, then delivered. Or a product may be ordered, then received by the warehouse, then purchased, then delivered to the client. These processes need to be tracked and managed. When stored in a relational database, progress can be easily managed with a management portal, automated alerts, and customer reports.

In research, there may be significant amounts of data collected in flat files, excel spreadsheets, and word documents. In business, there may be other unique aspects ot the business that are tracked in a similar manner with a need to condense the data into summaries and reports that are meaningful. SumTech can use programming to manage this data, often with the use of databases as well, to simplify the data, merge several files together, and report meaningful information back to the user. We also offer design consultation to help determine an appropriate way to gather important data.

Transitioning to Database: Organizations often using Microsoft Word and Excel to manage information such as employee directories, client lists, project details, inventories, and other accounts of information. When changes need to be made, several files may need to be updated, and there are often inconsistencies and errors in these documents. Relational databases help remove the inconsistencies so that updates only need to be made in one place, and all reports are automatically updated as well. History of changes can be tracked as well.

Past Projects

HealthSum Web Application

WSU - Field Disease Investigation Unit

SumTech took over failing project meant to analyze health events in cattle. We gathered a complex set of requirements and developed a novel system to process health events into a meaningful set of data. We boosted performance of previous approach. Imports improved from taking an hour to a minute. Reports improved from taking dozens of minutes to a couple seconds.


Washington State University

Administration Application

WSU - Biomedical Communications Unit

Developed database-driven application to manage administrative needs for self-sustaining unit which provides paid services. Before building our system, this group had minimal reporting information from which to make management decisions, and most of the information was paper-based rather than stored electronically. The application we built has modules that manage revenue, orders, workflow, online orders, and file management.


Motley Motley, Inc

Timecards Database with MS Access Training

Motley Motley, Inc.

This project had a two-fold purpose. The main goal was to create a timecard application so they can review how money is being spent on different construction projects. This project was also used as a training tutorial for one of their employees who now does simple maintenance and updates for the application.


Washington State University

Laboratory Administration Database

WSU - Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory

Developed database-driven application to manage administrative needs for self-sustaining unit which provides paid services. The application manages workflow, produces financial reports, and aids technicians in completing their tasks. Spreadsheets and Word documents were converted to a database application in which redundant data only needs to be entered once. The application was originally created using SQL Server connected to a MS Access front-end. The front-end was later moved to a web-based system. The work capacity for the group increased 5-fold after implementing this application.


Washington State University

Bacterial Culture Log

WSU - Plant Pathology

Over a decade of research data from several researchers was compiled into a single large spreadsheet, and this information was inserted into a database. The application is used to log specimen test results as well as where the specimens are stored.


Timecards App Screenshot

Time Card Tracker using Text Messaging

Phos Painting

Time cards are difficult to manage for their mobile painting crews. This application allows employees to send text messages to clock in and clock out. Employees check that their hours are correct through a web interface, and there they may request changes where necessary. The bookkeepers can make updates and see the total hours worked for each employee. Total hours are calculated for regular and OT pay, as well as hours for different insurance conditions.


Washington State University

Financial Tracking and Budgeting System

WSU - CAHNRS and WSU Extension

SumTech upgraded legacy MS Access financial tracking software to a more intuitive user design. We moved the database from MS Access to SQL Server and redesigned the user interface from scratch. We created several financial reports for finance personnel and high level reports for deans. We also worked with importing Excel tables of data into the database.