Desktop Application Development

Past Projects

Investigations Documentation Program

WSU - Field Disease Investigative Unit

SumTech developed a MS Access database to log and search critical field investigation data as well as generate reports. The program code was documented to show how different sections of code work so future additions to the database could be easily made by other persons.


Living Faith Fellowship

Worship List Documentation Program

Living Faith Fellowship

LFF keeps commonly sung hymns and songs stored in a box for the worship team to reuse each week they are needed. SumTech created a database list of all the songs available in the box, their various keys, and their composers. Now reports of what songs are available can be printed sorted by their first line, title, or key of composition. Volunteers can update the database when new songs are added to or removed from the box.


SumTech Business Solutions, LLC

Budgeting and Personal Finance Program

Brian Dorgan, Jr.

What used to be an Excel spreadsheet for assessing our family budget and how we spend our money was converted to an Access database as a more efficient and powerful tool. Receipts can be entered into the database using a display resembling a transaction register. Later, we transitioned the checkbook application to a web-based interface.