Desktop Application Development

Past Projects
Motley Motley, Inc

Timecards Database with MS Access Training

Motley Motley, Inc.

This project had a two-fold purpose. The main goal was to create a timecard application so they can review how money is being spent on different construction projects. This project was also used as a training tutorial for one of their employees who now does simple maintenance and updates for the application.


Washington State University

Laboratory Administration Database

WSU - Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory

Developed database-driven application to manage administrative needs for self-sustaining unit which provides paid services. The application manages workflow, produces financial reports, and aids technicians in completing their tasks. Spreadsheets and Word documents were converted to a database application in which redundant data only needs to be entered once. The application was originally created using SQL Server connected to a MS Access front-end. The front-end was later moved to a web-based system. The work capacity for the group increased 5-fold after implementing this application.


Washington State University

Bacterial Culture Log

WSU - Plant Pathology

Over a decade of research data from several researchers was compiled into a single large spreadsheet, and this information was inserted into a database. The application is used to log specimen test results as well as where the specimens are stored.


Washington State University

Financial Tracking and Budgeting System

WSU - CAHNRS and WSU Extension

SumTech upgraded legacy MS Access financial tracking software to a more intuitive user design. We moved the database from MS Access to SQL Server and redesigned the user interface from scratch. We created several financial reports for finance personnel and high level reports for deans. We also worked with importing Excel tables of data into the database.


Veterans of Modern Warfare

Membership Form, Database and Administration Application

Veterans of Modern Warfare

As a growing national organization, VMW needs an efficient way of tracking membership, chapters, dues, etc. SumTech created an online membership application that submits information to a database for storage. Several validations are used to test that valid information is being entered. Administrators can review, update, add, and delete membership information through an MS Access program. Also, the users can use the power of MS Access queries to find useful statistics about their organization.
Later, the MS Access front-end was converted to a web application.


Andy Sewell with Picture

Customers, Sales, and Marketing Program

Andy Sewell Water Colors

In sales, knowing your customers is vital. SumTech developed a MS Access database to manage information about customers, sales, paintings, and art shows. This information can then be used to send mailings to specific regions before future art shows, find customers who are interested in certain types of paintings, and track how well sales were at different art shows. Also, custom forms were created to allow quick entry of receipt information to the database.


Pullman Christian School

Progress Report and Report Card Program

Pullman Christian School

SumTech converted a system of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to an Access database used for tracking students, courses, and grades, as well as printing report cards.
Later, they moved toward using an online subscription service. We helped determine whether the new service would meet their needs, and we aided in the transfer of data from our software to the new system.


Washington State University

Department Administrative Database

WSU - Psychology Department

Use of Word documents, Excel files, and paper trails can be time consuming to manage. For this department, we created an administrative database to maintain confidential information about people, courses, keys, committees, rooms, money, and research projects. This process involved combining a collection of spreadsheets and documents into one robust database to accomplish several necessary tasks done by staff. Now their workload is stream-lined and more effective for accomplishing their goals.


Washington State University

Media Library Tracking System

WSU - Biomedical Communications Unit

Instead of tracking their media library resources with tiny slips of paper, SumTech converted their process to an electronic management system. A simple user interface was created to allow users to track when media resources were checked in and out, allow administrators to edit and correct data, and allow infrequent users to intuitively understand how to work with the software.