Business Process Automation

Making good management decisions requires accurate and meaningful data. We have built several financial applications that allow reconciling, budgeting, and reporting of key financial information. Other types of data that may need to be managed include customer relations, product inventories, or time cards.

When businesses work with projects or inventories, tasks are staged through a process. A project may be proposed, then assigned, then progressed, then completed, then delivered. Or a product may be ordered, then received by the warehouse, then purchased, then delivered to the client. These processes need to be tracked and managed. When stored in a relational database, progress can be easily managed with a management portal, automated alerts, and customer reports.

Organizations often using Microsoft Word and Excel to manage information such as employee directories, client lists, project details, inventories, and other accounts of information. When changes need to be made, several files may need to be updated, and there are often inconsistencies and errors in these documents. Relational databases help remove the inconsistencies so that updates only need to be made in one place, and all reports are automatically updated as well. History of changes can be tracked as well.

In research, there may be significant amounts of data collected in flat files, excel spreadsheets, and word documents. In business, there may be other unique aspects ot the business that are tracked in a similar manner with a need to condense the data into summaries and reports that are meaningful. SumTech can use programming to manage this data, often with the use of databases as well, to simplify the data, merge several files together, and report meaningful information back to the user. We also offer design consultation to help determine an appropriate way to gather important data.

Past Projects
Pullman Christian School

Progress Report and Report Card Program

Pullman Christian School

SumTech converted a system of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to an Access database used for tracking students, courses, and grades, as well as printing report cards.
Later, they moved toward using an online subscription service. We helped determine whether the new service would meet their needs, and we aided in the transfer of data from our software to the new system.


Washington State University

Department Administrative Database

WSU - Psychology Department

Use of Word documents, Excel files, and paper trails can be time consuming to manage. For this department, we created an administrative database to maintain confidential information about people, courses, keys, committees, rooms, money, and research projects. This process involved combining a collection of spreadsheets and documents into one robust database to accomplish several necessary tasks done by staff. Now their workload is stream-lined and more effective for accomplishing their goals.


Washington State University

Media Library Tracking System

WSU - Biomedical Communications Unit

Instead of tracking their media library resources with tiny slips of paper, SumTech converted their process to an electronic management system. A simple user interface was created to allow users to track when media resources were checked in and out, allow administrators to edit and correct data, and allow infrequent users to intuitively understand how to work with the software.



Investigations Documentation Program

WSU - Field Disease Investigative Unit

SumTech developed a MS Access database to log and search critical field investigation data as well as generate reports. The program code was documented to show how different sections of code work so future additions to the database could be easily made by other persons.


Living Faith Fellowship

Worship List Documentation Program

Living Faith Fellowship

LFF keeps commonly sung hymns and songs stored in a box for the worship team to reuse each week they are needed. SumTech created a database list of all the songs available in the box, their various keys, and their composers. Now reports of what songs are available can be printed sorted by their first line, title, or key of composition. Volunteers can update the database when new songs are added to or removed from the box.


SumTech Business Solutions, LLC

Budgeting and Personal Finance Program

Brian Dorgan, Jr.

What used to be an Excel spreadsheet for assessing our family budget and how we spend our money was converted to an Access database as a more efficient and powerful tool. Receipts can be entered into the database using a display resembling a transaction register. Later, we transitioned the checkbook application to a web-based interface.


SumTech Business Solutions, LLC

Time Management and Scheduling Spreadsheets

Brian Dorgan, Jr.

24-hour schedules and weekly schedules are commonly used by those who want to use their time effectively and not forget their priorities. SumTech has created an Excel 24hr x 7day calendar broken up into 15min increments (or 5min for the super ambitious) that fits on one page. Highlighted colors are used to differentiate types of activities like work, meetings, school, travel, social, sleep, free time, etc. that are programatically added together. This is a useful tool to prioritize what a general week should look like or to examine what you really do in a week.