Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did you name your business “SumTech”?
To us, “Sum” represents the words “Summary” and “Summation”. When solving a problem, we try to summarize the big picture of the situation, problem, or challenge at hand. This helps us build a purpose and vision for the solution we are developing, which keeps our decisions focused where they need to be. Then we can break up the project into definable and manageable features and tasks, which when added (or summed) together produce the final eloquent solution.

“Tech” represents our interest in working with technology to build these solutions.

What are your rates?

Our first consultation is always free, up to 2 hours. During this time we can meet, evaluate the situation, determine some potential solutions, and plan some next steps.

Our rates are based on several factors such as the particular type of problem, the difficulty of the solution needed, the technologies used, and the monetary benefit to the company/group. When doing a project, we are happy to charge either a fixed fee or an hourly rate. Our current default rate is about $75/hour.

Are you hiring or do you have any open positions?
We are always accepting applications for website and software developers. Feel free to send a resume and cover letter to  We also collaborate and subcontract with designers and marketers .

We are currently looking for a website/software developer.  The job description is described on our blog.

Do you have a blog?

We do have a blog, which can be found at We try to give highlights of what we are learning about business, technologies, and the such.