About SumTech

Mission Statement

We help business owners succeed by implementing personalized data management solutions to technical and organizational needs, allowing management to focus on their strengths and having more peace of mind.

Vision Statement

SumTech will become the premier customized software solutions development center in the Palouse region and provide software solutions around the nation.

Brief History

Brian Dorgan is the founder of SumTech Business Solutions. Mr. Dorgan received a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering in 2007, as well as undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry, all from the University of Idaho. After graduating, his family agreed that the Palouse is an excellent place to live and raise a family. Changing gears, Brian began building small Microsoft Access databases for local businesses and Washington State University. Quickly, he began learning other database, programming, and web technologies. By the end of 2008, he had started SumTech as a sole proprietorship. In the beginning of 2012, SumTech became a limited liability company (LLC).

Core Values

SumTech strives to be a business known for integrity, hard work, friendly service, and a desire to see fellow businesses in the community succeed.

We are here to give of our talents so others may succeed in their businesses.

Meet the Team

Brian Dorgan, Jr.
Owner / Senior Software Engineer

Portrait of Brian Dorgan, Jr., OwnerI was born in Oregon, and raised in southern Idaho. I came to the Palouse in 2000 to pursue my degrees at the University of Idaho. Here I met my beautiful wife, who has been incredibly supportive of my pursuits. We currently have one son and one daughter.

When I am not working or learning new technologies, I love to spend time with my family. We are also very involved in our church, Living Faith Fellowship. When I do get out of the house, I enjoy playing pool, frisbee golf, ultimate frisbee, tennis, and lots of other sports.

I have seen my education shape my problem solving strategies in incredible ways. In engineering, I learned to break big problems into small, manageable pieces; I was taught that economics is an important factor in which solution is chosen; and I saw how people relations are an important aspect of seeing a project become successful. In mathematics, I also learned systematic ways of developing algorithms, learned how to analyze whether my approach to a problem is valid or not, and saw how technology may be used to solve complex problems through automation.

I love the work I do now. I am grateful for the opportunity I have through my business to tackle some intricate problems, help businesses and individuals, meet great people, learn tons about fascinating problems and technologies, and have a lot of fun with what I do.

Kathleen Dorgan
Owner / Administrative Manager

I have lived in Pullman since 2000, when I came as a student to Washington State University. After completing my B.S. in Genetics, I began a technical career in research labs at WSU, and have enjoyed working as a lab manager for the past 10 years. In addition to research and experience in publishing and patenting, I have gained supervisory and hiring skills, and the ability to run large and diverse operations.

Outside of genetic research and administration at SumTech, I enjoy being a wife and mother. We love to have fun at home, and enjoy many things from building puzzles and reading books to riding bikes and Nerf gun wars as a family. Personally, I find many additional activities interesting, including helping others, tailoring, quilting, flying light aircraft, bicycle riding, tennis, swimming, and canning.