Serving Businesses across the U.S.
Starting right here in the Palouse.

SumTech Business Solutions, LLC provides software solutions for organizations. We solve problems involving business automation, data management, website marketing, e-commerce, and workflow management. We predominantly work with database-driven websites, and are able to work with desktop applications and mobile devices as well. Our vision is to be the premier customized software solutions development center in the Palouse region, and to provide software solutions around the nation.

SumTech has focused on using technologies that are both stable and contemporary, such as SQL Server, MySQL, C#, PHP, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and WordPress. We want to create solutions that are maintainable, sustainable, and accurate to the needs of our clients.

Customer service is an important emphasis for SumTech. Our goal is to make other businesses stronger, providing tools and services to aid them in their management decisions and day-to-day operations.

Here are a few ideas of how SumTech could help your business:

  • Creating user-friendly computer applications for small businesses
  • Building, upgrading, and maintaining marketing websites
  • Converting paper-processes to database-driven applications
  • Replacing word-processor and spreadsheet data processing with a web-based application
  • Creating e-commerce websites
  • Working with database-driven websites and applications
  • Improving spreadsheets and databases

Sumtech is here to help your business succeed.